A MUST HAVE for every sports facility

Every venue with a sporty character should have an X-Wall. For instance a gym, indoor padel court or squash court. The many possibilities the interactive wall offers make it a true must have at any location.

The interactive wall can be used for gym classes, sports club training or as a fun activity at kids’ parties.

The interactive wall can be used for gym classes, sports club training or fun activity for children’s parties, for example.

gym classes for
your school!

Looking for an innovative way to learn through movement? Try the X-Wall to create the best gym class at your school!


Math, learning a new language, telling time or history? Learning has never been this much fun! The interactive wall challenges everyone with its fun and educational games. Play against each other and find out who’s smartest. Are you curious about the options to place the X-Wall at your school? Request an online demonstration or a demonstration at your school.

"With the X-Wall, children can have an interactive gym class that is always fun and challenging!"

The best gym class with the X-Wall

Step into a new dimension and create the best gym class ever! Choose from multiplayer games or let the X-Wall teach a class as your ‘sports teacher’. The interactive gaming wall provides enough activities to fill an entire gym class.

Games at various levels

Every game has different levels. Which level of difficulty do you choose? The Math King Multiplayer game offers sums for elementary school groups 3 through 8. Too hard? You can easily go back a level.

Let's MOVE

The X-Wall combines learning with gaming as well as movement. Solving sums or hitting the right country on the map? Jump, run and spin to hit the right answers – it trains your brain and keeps you moving!


The X-Wall interactive wall is a unique interactive game system. When developing the games, we looked at the needs of our customers. Customers are closely involved in the development of new games so that each X-Wall is used to its fullest potential.

What about financing options?

We’re glad to brainstorm financing options for placing an X-Wall, such as a grant or lease contract.


How does the X-Wall for sports facilities work?

With a powerful projector, the screen is projected in HD resolution. The projector is mounted in a protective box and is mounted in the ceiling.


Math King Multiplayer

Which team is better at doing sums while aiming accurately at the X-Wall? Use the ball to hit the right answer. The first team to solve 15 sums wins! The game follows the primary education curriculum and is available at different levels for elementary school groups 3 through 8.

Number of players: 1 to 10 players
Age: 6+

Fast Timers

‘Fast timer’ teaches kids to tell both analogue and digital time. Various levels of this game are available. It can be played solo or with opposing teams. Who’s best at telling time?

Number of players: 1 to 10 players
Age: 6+

Alphabet game

I spy with my little eye something beginning with … ! Use the ball to hit all the objects beginning with the chosen letter as fast as possible. This game can also be played in English or German, which allows you to broaden your vocabulary in a fun and active way.

Number of players: 1 to 10 players
Age: 8+

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The benefits of
playful learning

De X-Wall is voor iedereen geschikt, jong en oud! Door de vele mogelijkheden met de games is de interactieve muur uitdagend voor iedereen.

De X-Wall is te huur voor bedrijfsfeesten en evenementen. Klik op onze huurpagina voor meer informatie.

Dit is afhankelijk van de ruimte. Wij denken graag met u mee naar de mogelijkheden!

Klik hier om meer te lezen over de kosten van de X-Wall

Dit is afhankelijk van de grootte van de X-Wall. Door het spelvorm aan te passen en het met een estafette te spelen kan je er met 10 kinderen tegelijk op spelen.

Elke balsport is mogelijk op de X-Wall. Je kunt de spellen op je eigen manier spelen. Zo kan je de tennis skill game ook met een voetbal spelen of aantikken met je handen.

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The possibilities are endless...

Curious about the possibilities of the X-Wall? Then you can request a free online demonstration. It is also possible to provide an on-site demonstration.