X-perience Events thinks with the clients about the possibilities with the X-Wall. With a customized game for the clients the interactive sportswall arrange the ultimate fan experience at events

X-Wall Squaregame AON

At the company party at AON the X-Wall arranged the ultimate challenge with the AON Squaregame. The employees of AON had to shoot as many squares possible within 45 seconds. AON is the shirt sponsor of the soccer club Manchester United and we put an image of players in this game.

AON logo

X-Wall Squaregame Handbal

During the international match from the Dutch National Team Handbal the X-wall was used for the ultimate fan experience. The game was customized with players from the Dutch team and also the partners of the Dutch Association Handbal.

Nederland handbalverbond

X-Wall Squaregame Soccer Inside

X-Wall was placed in an indoor speed soccercentre in Enschede for a pilot to test our interactive sportswall. One month long all the visitors of Soccer Inside in Enschede could use our X-Wall. The ultimate test and it was a big success. All the kids liked it a lot!

soccer inside