The X-Wall is everywhere!

More than 30 X-Walls have been placed throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. At holiday parks, stadiums, elementary schools, sports venues and many more locations. Below, we will show some of the places that have their own X-Wall.

SC Heerenveen

Since July 2022, SC Heerenveen has an X-Wall at their home stadium. It was first played during an open doors day hosted by the club. The X-Wall is used at every home game, kids’ party and any other Heerenveen activity. Just like Feyenoord, Heerenveen has customized games.

Feyenoord the Kuip

In May 2022, the first X-Wall in a football stadium was placed. Feyenoord got the scoop and used the X-Wall for the ‘De Kracht van Feyenoord’ (The Power of Feyenoord) project. This social project is about the power of sports and, among other activities, organizes educational and sporting events for elementary schools.

's Sheeren Loo Apeldoorn

‘‘s Heeren Loo’ in the city of Apeldoorn is the first care facility using the X-Wall for disability care. The care team uses the X-Wall in the gym of the residential care area to stimulate clients to move in a fun way. Together with the care team, we’re developing games especially suitable for their clients.

Landal Greenparks Vaals

Since June 2021, Landal Greenparks in Hoog Vaals has an X-Wall as well. All the games are transformed into the Landal Greenparks ‘NXT LVL’ style and also feature their logo. Visitors of the park are free to play the X-Wall with no required supervision.

Pluryn Voorst

After a successful demonstration, Pluryn's exercise team knew they had to have an X-Wall at their location! The Beele treatment center for young people with mild intellectual disabilities (LVB). Together with these young people, a number of new games were conceived and developed. Consider a quiz game and boxing pro.

Sportivate Amersfoort

The X-Wall is also placed at the awesome Sportivate playground. Schools come here to have a healthy playday and the location is also great for company meetings.

Sporthal Selwerd Groningen

Via the sports office ‘Sport050’ and with financial support from the local sports agreement, an X-Wall was placed at sports hall ‘Selwerd’ in Groningen. The sports instructors have their own rotation system and use the X-Wall every day.

OBS 't Kompas Groningen

After elementary school ‘de Zwaluw’ in Markelo, public elementary school ‘’t Kompas’ in Groningen followed suit with an X-Wall. Together with the school, we’re developing new games. ‘’t Kompas’ uses the X-Wall for the entire school. During gym class, of course, but also to facilitate MRT classes (Motoric Remedial Teaching) if kids need some extra attention.

Camping de vogel

Campsite ‘de Vogel’ is the first to place our ‘ultrashort throw’ setup. This X-Wall beamer allows you to project the image from up close, leaving hardly any shadow. Four games have also been transformed to suit the style of Paco, the campsite mascot.

Trampoline Hall Pottelberg

‘Jump Pottelberg’ is our first client in Belgium and also the first trampoline hall to place an X-Wall. Kids are free to play the X-Wall when they run out of tricks at the trampoline hall. This X-Wall is one of the most popular ones.

OBS de Zwaluw

The first X-Wall at an elementary school can be found in the town of Markelo. Public elementary school ‘de Zwaluw’ accepted the challenge and together with teachers and students, we developed games suited for primary education. At ‘de Zwaluw’ kids now learn math, spelling and telling time in an active way with the X-Wall! The school made a schedule for all the students of the elementary school. During class, in groups of 8 kids, they’re free to play and learn on the X-Wall for 20 minutes per group.  

Camping Zonneweelde

Campsite ‘Zonneweelde’ was the first campsite with an X-Wall. It’s placed in a playground area, near the entrance to the site. Various games were also adapted to suit the campsite’s theme.

Sports Hall Jachtlust Twello

In the municipality of Voorst, the X-Wall was placed at the ‘Jachtlust’ sports hall in the town of Twello. The sports instructors use the X-Wall during gym classes and the many educational games stimulate kids to learn through movement.

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